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Maintaining security is of the utmost importance to Scard, and we at Scard strive to be the market's most trustworthy digital business card and professional networking tool.


Security comes in three parts.

  1. Our system has AI and external sources that reliably prevent spamming, phishing, and impersonation from happening. (read more)
  2. Our internal system monitors user information and activity to prevent vacant accounts from being hacked, used for impersonation or spamming. This allows us to keep our security tight and avoid any potential breaches.
  3. Our system also updates and refreshes itself by automatically detecting which users are unresponsive or have left the account because they either quit their job or are no longer using Scard for professional business networking.


If a user doesn't have the necessary information or is unresponsive, their account will be suspended until they reactivate it. Using this information also allows the system to provide more accurate data for business professionals to make informed decisions. And at the same time, warning those who have bad intentions to stay away from our system.


For example, our platform (Scard) allows professionals to see if the person they are meeting has a reasonable level of trust. This is because platforms like Scard require all users to provide basic information about themselves. We maintain the same standards as giant social media like Twitter and Facebook for verification. Still, our guidelines are more stringent because we want what's best for all our business users. Our system doesn't just stop at providing a free trust level increase to users - it's already automatic! And best of all, there are no added fees for our services. All you need to do is follow some easy guidelines, and you're set.


We understand that setting these kinds of stringent guidelines might reduce the number of our registered users. However, we firmly believe that by doing so, we raise public awareness about the importance of professional business networking; Scard can also enhance users' knowledge on how to take advantage of its various features best to verify the legitimacy of professionals and businesses. With this newfound knowledge, business networking will be a much safer endeavour.