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In this article, we will be explaining the difference between a Pro Account versus a Free Account.


Registering for an Scard account is always free, and you will receive a 30-day Pro account automatically. These 30 days as a Pro account user will allow you to use all the features of the web application and experience everything it offers to digitalise your networking experience.


After 30 days, your Pro account will switch to a Free account where you can still use it for networking. But if you fall in love with the Pro account, you can upgrade it to SGD $10 monthly on a pay-as-you-use mode or SGD $100 annually.


Pay-as-you-use mode is not a subscription mode, and you only pay when you need to network with a Pro account. We did some studies using a Pro account to network at events. It carries some advantages because it provides all the 5W1H strategies for communication, whether digital or physical networking.


With a Pro account, you can access more features, functions, and control and may have discounts when purchasing in the Scard Shop. A Free account still allows users to network, though with significantly fewer advantages.


This is what a Pro account looks like.

When you register on Scard, you will be given a free 30 days Pro account. After 30 days, it will switch to a Free account (shown below) if you choose not to upgrade to a Pro account.

Scard Pro Account

You can scan the QR codes or click the link below to see the actual profile demo.


This is what a Free account looks like.

The free account is for standard usage, nothing fancy. Giving it free is to help people switch from printed cards and reduce paper wastage in the general public. At the same time, creating the best business ecosystem is a part of Scard's mission.

Scard Free Account

You can scan the QR codes or click the link below to see the actual profile demo.