Custom Domain

Custom Domain

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A normal Scard Profile link will be or


  • with or without www, it will take you to your profile
  • If you are a Free Account user, you can use, our system will automatically redirect to your current status, so you do not have to worry about the domain being incorrect.
  • If you are a Pro Account user, you can use, our system will also automatically redirect to your current status, so you do not have to worry about the domain being incorrect.


Our custom domain functions allow you to use your domain (URL).
For example, if you are using and bought/own this domain, you can change your profile to this domain (URL) or (if you do not have a website, you can make your Scard profile your website)


How to do it?

  • First, you will need to have a domain. Your domain can be purchased from any domain registrar.
  • Go to the DNS section in your registrar dashboard, and add an A record with these settings:
    • Hostname (this is where you enter the subdomain name, so if it is, you will type in sg, and if, you will type in www)
    • Value (will direct to) (IP address show in your Edit Account > Custom Domain)
    • TTL (seconds) 3600



  • Once you have completed adding an A record, you will need to log into your Scard Profile and tap the Hamburger menu on the top right.
  • Choose Profile, Edit Account.
  • On the Edit Account page, scroll down to the section where you see Custom Domain. Enter the whole domain you would like to link to Scard (for example, and submit.
  • Our system will verify all the settings are correct and approve the custom domain request. Once it is approved, you will get an email notification. If there is any problem, our expert team will contact you to correct it to complete the custom domain work. 

custom domain setting


What if you no longer want to use your domain for your Scard Proflie

  • You always log in to your account and go to Edit Account, scroll to the Custom Domain section and remove the connection. Please remember to remove the A record from your DNS setting.

If the domain is no longer owned by you or you have given up the ownership of the domain:

  • It will automatically fall back to or will depend on the status you are holding is a Pro account or Free Account.