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What is VCF File


VCF stands for Virtual Contact File. Usually used for a virtual card (vCard), it's a standard file format for contact details to be stored on smart devices like sim cards (the older days), mobile phones (old ones and smart ones) or computer address-books etc.

What can be stored in VCF?

Information like name, email, contact number, website, address etc. If you would like to know more, you can check the Wikipedia on vCard (


On Scard, if you are a Pro Account user, you can download and save your friend's contact in your devices (smartphone or computer). Provided they are in your Scard friends list (must connect with you on Scard) and they accept your request to have their contact in your device (yes, you will need to request, as our system respect individual privacy).

Once your friend accepts your request, you can download and save their contact into your device.


  1. The system will send you a private one-time download link for the VCF file.
  2. Once you download and save the VCF into your device, Scard will no longer update their contact information. You may need to request for download again for updated future versions or update the stored information manually.

Learn more about the Scard VCF function by clicking here.

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