How accurate is the translation function in Scard?
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How accurate is the translation function in Scard?


First of all, please do not compare our translation function with a professional human translator because translation involves a lot of experience and human touch. No technology company in the world will tell you they have perfect translation function. Not even those equipped with AutoML + AL (Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence).

Our translation function is to assist you in translating what you have in your English version to another language you prefer; after that, you can edit it or save it as the confirmed version to display. We use Google’s neural machine translation technology to translate texts and keep them in our system instantly. So visitors will not get different versions every time they visit.

Maybe we will be able to provide more options to enhance our translation function in the future. Please support us by referring it to your friends and getting the Scard Pro Account, as these are the best encouragement we could get from you.

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