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Is it possible for me to use my s͛Card Profile to receive money from a client online?


No, because s͛Card does not have this feature. s͛Card is a digital business card rather than an online payment system. Online payments are handled as a 3rd-party integration.


If you want to integrate s͛Card with your online payment system, Supercharge Interactive (SI) can help. They created s͛Card, which can provide this integration service. On s͛Card, there is an example of integrating online payments.


They may assist you with several different kinds of online payment integration:


You may accept payments from anywhere and at any time using this connection. It is environmentally friendly since you don't need a printer, post machine, paper, or staff to wait for people to pay you. Your consumer can visit your digital business card on s͛Card and touch the payment button to continue the transaction.


If you already have an online payment integration, could you provide the URL to your payment page? Please keep in mind that if you give a suspicious or phishing URL, your profile will be suspended, and the service will be interrupted for the protection of our users.

Alternatively, you can use PayPal.Me, Paylah!, SGQR or wallet to list them on the E-wallet / Payment section.

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