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As prompted previously, I prefer to stick with a conventionally printed business card/name card, as my customers can observe how I demonstrate my expertise on the cards. Will I need a s͛Card or something comparable after getting rid of it? I'm a designer.


We are not asking you to eliminate your printed business card/name card as you can use both simultaneously; after 1 to 6 months of utilising s͛Card, examine it again and determine whether it's working for you. Because s͛Card Registration is free, you get a 30-day free trial with the Pro account.

You may print the profile URL or QR code to add s͛Card to your physical card. What will happen is that both of them will be shown to your consumer, allowing them to see the skill on your printed card and stay up-to-date on additional information on your s͛Card Profile. You may add even more work to your pitch deck by including website links and social connections such as Behance, Facebook, Google My Business, etc. We've spent much time in the creative sector and frequently request a digital portfolio via email and online chats in various formats such as websites, PDFs, and social-hosted sites. We don't think that a physical printed card can make or break your career.

We will inevitably need more sophisticated self-promotional methods to stand out from the competition as we become increasingly digitised. s͛Card makes it easy to digitise without spending anything using the Free account. If you've used s͛Card before, you know we're not a social media platform that sends your potential leads to where your competitors are ready to pounce.

We may not be able to persuade you now, but you can always sign up and test s͛Card for 30 days to see if it works for you. If you don't like it, remove it and move on.

If you already have a s͛Card Profile for more than 30 days and need help with it, you may get advice on maximising your potential reach since we will be happy to assist.

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