Maintaining Integrity: How s͛Card Deals with Impersonation
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Securing Scard: Maintaining Integrity

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We discourage anyone from impersonating others on Scard, considering this a form of criminal activity. Such behaviour may harm that person, the business, the organisation, members of the public and the Scard Ecosystem. Even if you would like to try out Scard, you should not have such behaviour or intention to impersonate anyone or the company because we have an open policy that allows you to delete your account if you are not comfortable using it (click here to learn more).


What happens when we catch an account that is impersonating someone?

  1. We make inquiries, and we expect an answer within 24 hours.
  2. We will suspend the account. We will label this user information in our global blacklist and share it with our partners using our solutions.
  3. We may report and work with the authority if the case is severe.
  4. We may also expose these users so that we can prevent the public from experiencing any financial loss due to such cyber threat actors.


In our next update, we will have a system notification for corporate account users to verify that someone has created a profile with their company information. By doing this, we can take exact measures against these individuals before they cause unnecessary damage to the person, the company, the organisation, the members of the public and the Scard Ecosystem.


How do we know the account is suspicious?

We utilise artificial intelligence to scan, and flag accounts for human verification. We then have a meticulous verification process to check the user and any information linked to the profile by the threat actor. We will not be explaining the detail of our meticulous verification process in our article as this will give these cyber threat actors a chance to avoid it in the future.


As you can see, the image used by the cyber threat actor can be found at these places, and it is a stock image.