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Add background for device with a larger screen

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Scard was designed for mobile users, but we understand that our visitors may view your profile on larger screens like desktops and tablets. We've also considered those with the new foldable phones! To make things more interesting, you can now add a new background to your profile for a larger screen. This feature is available for both Free & Pro Accounts. We hope you all enjoy it!

Steps to add background to your profile:

  1. First, you must log in with a desktop/tablet/foldable smartphone because the set background button will only appear when you have a large screen.
  2. Click set background, and type in a keyword for your idea background image
  3. Wait a while, and it will show you a few images to choose from. You can preview it before confirming the selected background image. If you don't see what you like, you can load more or change a new keyword to search.
  4. Once you confirm, it will set that chosen image as your Profile background.
  5. In case you would like to change, click change the background. And if you don't want any background, just click remove.

login to your account and go to edit profile with a larger screen type in keyword to search for your idea background you can preview the background image before you confirm it as background Once you confirm, it will set as background.


You can change to another image after you have set up one. Just click the "Set Background" button and search for the new image to replace the current one and if you want any background image, just click the "Remove Background" button. (note: the background image will only appear when you are visiting your profile with a large screen (desktop/tablet)

Thank you, Unsplash, for providing such amazing photos as background.