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Scard Privacy, Simplified.

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Many of you have asked us about this, so we want to explain it in this article on Scard's privacy (simplified version). Firstly, Scard is not a social media platform in our current state. We are a browser-based application; some call it Sass. The cool thing about Scard is you don't need to download any mobile app or software to use or view Scard.


These are what we store in our system:

  • Registration information (this is encrypted)
  • Login information & social login ID (this is encrypted, and we are not able to see your password)
  • Profile information (this is public information)
  • Pitch Deck (this is public & private information). Soon, there will be an option to make your pitch deck private with pin access.
  • Private Message is a web-based message system. (It is encrypted; however, we have system filters that always watch out for sensitive topics, malicious links, or illegal activities on Scard so that we can take legal action against these users. We do not read your private message. If you don't feel comfortable using this function, you can avoid it as it is just for those who need it most.)
  • Scard Connected Friends Records
  • Scard Social Ranking Records
  • Scard Shop information (If you purchase something from us and we need to post it to you, we will need your address and contact information, this information is located in your Registration information / Account detail)
  • Incoming traffic & leads information (our system needs this information to provide better service and prevent malicious attacks on our system)
  • We only display the number of clicks or taps on our Profile Analytics page since we don't have access to who that person is and can't provide it because it's against PDPA, GDPR, and other data regulations.


For cookies: We serve cookies because cookies provide information to give our users a better system & service. We use this information to pay our partners and ambassadors and also use that information to serve our sponsor ads, but we will not sell it nor share it with 3rd parties. You can read more about cookies on Cloudflare, as we think they explain it clearly.


In layman's terms, what happens when someone taps & clicks the information on your profile, and what do we record:

  • We cannot record who connects and communicates with you using other social applications, and we don't know who that person is.

    > For example, if someone taps your WhatsApp contact detail, we only know it's a tap on that contact detail; what happens after it is on WhatsApp is between that person, you and Whatsapp (Meta Platforms, Inc.).

    > Or someone calls you by tapping the contact number displayed in your profile; we only record the tap. The caller's number will be displayed on your device, and we will not be able to know that number.

    > If someone wants to pay you with Paylah!, it will open up the DBS Paylah! on their device to make transactions with you. We only know someone taps the Paylah! Button on your profile and anything beyond which we will not know anything as the process and transaction are on the mobile application on their device.


You can find our original privacy policy here. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Scard Helpdesk.


Disclaimer: we are using the Satel youtube video to explain AES encryption but don't use Satel products.