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Upgrade To Pro Account - Monthly

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Pro Account is for the Advance User.

Once you upgrade, it will enable the Cover Image and Company Logo on your profile. Increase the number of Contacts Displayed from 5 to 10 fields and the social media/online store from 3 links to 8 links. At the same time, your profile will be able to turn off an inbound link from a public search engine, and you will automatically get purchase discounts in Scard Shop.


What you will get in the Pro Account when you upgrade from Free Account

Profile Photo ✔︎ ✔︎
Cover Image - ✔︎
Background image (For Large Screen) ✔︎ ✔︎
Company logo - ✔︎
Profile Description (Self-introduction) - ✔︎
Language - 1
Contact Detail 5 10
Social Media/Online Store 3 8
Pitch Deck (8MB Max) 0 1
Search Engine Privacy - ✔︎
VCF Setting - ✔︎
Save Card Setting - ✔︎
CTA with rel=dofollow - ✔︎
Scard Blog article with rel=dofollow - ✔︎



  • You will be making a monthly payment of the listed amount for using the Pro account; you can cancel at any time, and all cancellations will take effect next month before charging. There will be no refund or pro-rate for cancellation.
  • You can upgrade anytime on a Free account, even if you cancel your Pro account earlier.
  • Our system will notify you 7 days before renewing the Pro account. If you did not purchase the renewal after 7 days, your account would be downgraded automatically once it expired.


$10.00 /month
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Sorry, this product only for Free Account User