What is Superlink?
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What is Superlink?


Superlink allows Scard users to link their various accounts using just One URL Link or QR Code. Every Scard Profile has a unique URL or QR code, so if you have more than one profile, you'll need to remember all the links to use in a matter of seconds during a networking session. It's like shuffling a deck of cards in a bag, and no one wants to be in that scenario.

As most of us juggle a slew of different personalities, carrying around so many business cards (the printed ones) doesn't make sense. This is why we built the Superlink feature. Batman has two identities in the film: Bruce Wayne on the day and Batman when he transforms into his bat costume. As for Peter Parker, on the other hand, he might have to work as a pizza delivery boy, reporter, photographer, research student, and friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

For example, Bruce has two or more Scard Profile (digital business cards) with various sets of information and he wants to print a unique URL or QR code so he may switch to a different set when the need arises. He can accomplish this with Superlink by creating the accounts and connecting the profiles to his Superlink. He may then simply log in and switch to the most appropriate profile after that.


Superlink is invited only (not open to the public). If you want to get invited, you will need to contact us to request. (We may not invite everyone who asks it)

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