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What is Scard, and is it Free to use?


Scard is more than just digital business cards you see in the market.
Scard is not a social media website like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.
Scard has no search function for people to find you; you manage your profile exposure. 

We have a Free account and a Pro account (Paid) for advanced users who want more.

Free Account (always Free)

  1. Standard features
  2. Limited contact detail fields
  3. Limited social media fields
  4. Limited functions.

Tips: You can upgrade to Pro to expand more fields or purchase additional fields in Scard Shop.


Pro Account (You will get 1 month Free when you Sign Up Scard)(Paid Monthly/Yearly)

  1. Professional features
  2. 10 contact detail fields
  3. 8 social media fields
  4. Always get our latest updated functions.

Tips: If you need more fields, you can purchase additional fields in Scard Shop.

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