Understand Your s͛Card Smart Card: No Expiry and Common Issues Explained.
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Frequently Ask Questions


Does the s͛Card smart card come with an expiration date?


The s͛Card smart card does not come with an expiration date. If it's not functioning as expected, it could be due to a few different reasons:

  1. The NFC chip or internal wiring may be damaged.
  2. Your s͛Card profile might be suspended.
  3. Your s͛Card profile could be banned.
  4. The smart card may not have been linked to your account.
  5. The smart card may have already been linked to someone's account.
  6. Your account may not have been verified.


Here's a simplified introduction to the s͛Card Smart Card, perfect for beginners. The s͛Card is a smart card furnished with an NFC tag. This feature lets you tap it against a smartphone to display your digital business or name card. Additionally, people can scan the QR code on the card to access your digital business or name card.

Typically, we distribute these cards for free at our events, exhibitions, and networking sessions, as well as at events sponsored by us.

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