Navigating s͛Card Ownership After Leaving Your Job or Company
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Is it true that I can't use a s͛Card if I quit my job or company?


No, you can still use s͛Card if the account belongs to you; that means the account is registered with your personal email address, not the company's.

If joining a new brand/company/business or even setting up your new business, you'll want to take down any previous business information. You won't want to have ties with the firm after you are done with them (resigned). You can also change the firm's name and contact details to reflect your current employment or company.


If the account is not yours but belongs to your ex-company, you must deal with it as an employee. There are three solutions:

  1. Transfer the account to you or a new person.
  2. Remove your contact information and begin again with a fresh individual.
  3. Delete the entire profile.

If you do not have the right to use the person's contact data after they have resigned, the firm should remove or replace it.

If both cannot address any issue, any party may utilise the helpdesk to request that the account be suspended until a solution is found. Please note that if the suspension expires, the username will be released back to the public to be taken; we will not entertain or be responsible for any loss or recovery.

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