Is s͛Card another social media platform?
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Is s͛Card another social media platform?


No, we are not. At the moment.

s͛Card is a digital business card that helps people/organisations/entrepreneurs/businesses to make a quick, compact introduction on the go, which can express what they are good at. This digital business card allows the user to connect with their favourite channel. It is also a card that consolidates all the social network links. The best thing about s͛Card is it doesn't require an app because it operates on the internet browser. It is easy to share their card by a URL link or a QR code to scan.

s͛Card is built with simplicity in mind, and it's designed to be simple to use by anybody without difficulty. Our system is constantly learning thanks to the privacy mechanism that has been put into place, and we're working hard to nip out those users with bad intentions.

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