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Why isn’t any tappable link created on my phone after scanning the Profile QR code? I tried on other QR codes, and it works.


We're happy to help you out with the issue you're facing. However, we're not entirely sure about the device and scanner you're using, as we don't own them, nor did we build the scanner application. But don't worry, we'd love to learn more about the details and reasons behind the problem you're experiencing. Sharing this information with our Helpdesk could be really helpful not just for you but for other users who might be facing similar issues.


If you do that, we will need the following information:


From our understanding, some mobile/tablet-based apps require updating and compatibility with the latest OS. Some apps also require domain owners to submit their URLs to allow their app users to visit the URL. This is part of their security and protection policy.


For example, Tread Micro QR Scanner for Android only will ask users to consider opening the URL. If the URL is unsafe, it will show the users a warning sign. We are still determining how they define safe or hazardous, but we believe the QR Scanner developer requires domain owners to submit their URLs to ensure they are safe to open.


Trend Micro QR Scanner
Trend Micro QR Scanner


We suggest using Google Lens for Android and Camera for IOS because they are unbiased, add free, and built with device OCR to recognise most QR code formats in the market.

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