What is Pitch Deck in s͛Card? How to use it?
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What is Pitch Deck in s͛Card? How to use it?


A pitch deck is a presentation to potential investors in the business, but on s͛Card, it's a place to display important information to generate leads.

It is a space on your profile to place a business brochure, portfolio, catalogue, and more. A well-written pitch deck can help persuade individuals to notice you or partner with you. You could even place promotional information or a resume if you are looking for opportunities.

We will be posting how to use it soon!


Recommended document size to update:
297mm L x 210mm H (A4 landscape)
File system accepts: Jpg / Png / PDF

1 free Pitch Deck will be given to Pro account users. Free account users wishing to use Pitch Deck can purchase from the s͛Card Shop.

Note: Each pitch deck is only valid for 1 year, and if it expires, you can renew from the s͛Card Shop. The free Pitch Deck will be forfeited if you do not use it during our 30 days free Pro account because you cannot be brought forward to your Free account.

Reasons to use a Pitch Deck in your s͛Card Profile?

  1. The pitch is included in the profile whenever you use it (a digital business card). It might be a company profile, catalogue, service rate card, etc.
  2. You don't need a job or run your own business to possess a s͛Card Profile; therefore, having a resume on your profile will be useful when meeting people or interviewing.
  3. You may exhibit it at any time and in any manner. You can also project it on a smart TV or projector (depending on your phone). It's also making your document paperless.

There are many types of information that you may include in the Pitch Deck to be mentioned. Go try it today!


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