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Why is my account suspended after my Free 30 Days Pro Account Trial?


We're sorry for the inconvenience. Your account has been suspended as part of our security and mission efforts.


Registering for a s͛Card account will give you a FREE 30 Days Pro Account Trial. After that, if you don't upgrade to Pro, you can continue using the Free Account; However, switching from Pro to Free will trigger the suspend function if your profile is empty with no information.

Note: If your contact information is in your profile, but you use the privacy setting to hide it from displaying on your profile will not trigger the suspend function.

For security reasons, if your profile does not have any information after registering (for example, position, company, contact number, email), our system will label it as a user not using the account or as a high-risk account for impersonation or fraud.

Our mission is to provide users with a professional business tool to enhance their networking capabilities. We, therefore, expect everyone in the system to be able and willing to provide basic information.


You can always get help by creating a support ticket via the helpdesk page.

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