Can I transfer my Scard account to someone else?

Can I transfer my Scard account to someone else?

From a company or business point of view, absolutely yes!

The Scard account was created with businesses in mind, a revolutionary digital business card and networking tool that helps reduce paper waste. To ensure that no Scard effort goes to waste, we strongly encourage organisations to transfer their account whenever there is a change in personnel. By taking this necessary precaution and making the switch, your organisation can continue reaping the benefits of an effective paperless system. As such, when the account is registered using company assets like email addresses, it should remain with the associated organisation regardless of changes in personnel. This way, companies can easily transition accounts from one staff member to another without disruption or loss of data.



From a personal standpoint, this is not recommended.

Even if you are using it for personal use, and it is registered to your own credentials such as email or Social ID, we do not recommend transferring it to another person—not even a family member.


If you believe taking such action is acceptable, we will not impede your decision as long as the pertinent information is included, used appropriately and does not cause any harm or discomfort to others.


Note: We are addressing the issue of transferring a Scard account, which is separate from managing an existing account.

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