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What if I accidentally shut down the s͛Card profile I was browsing? Is it possible to retrieve it?


Here are a few places where you may retrieve the s͛Card Profile.

  1. If an app or program is inadvertently shut down, it will reload when you switch it back on. It doesn't look at 2 if it isn't working.
  2. Look at your browser's history to see whether you've visited that s͛Card Profile. If you're using private or incognito, check out 3 and 4.
  3. How did you obtain the link to your profile? If it's a URL or a QR code from messages (Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, Wechat etc.), printouts or written notes, go back to the source to find out how. If you obtained it via scanning a QR code or an NFC tag from their phone, ask them for permission to scan again. You won't be able to access their profile if this isn't possible.
  4. We anticipate that after you've visited the sender profile, you'll perform various actions such as clicking the website, email, calling information, social media sites, saving card, saving VCF (Vcard), bookmarking the page, taking a screenshot, or forwarding the sender profile to another person. With these procedures, you should be able to return to the profile. If not, ask the sender to send you again.
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