How Relevant & Necessary to use Digital Business Cards in 2023?

How Relevant & Necessary to use Digital Business Cards in 2023?

Physical business cards are outdated and can lead to lost opportunities. Upgrade to digital business cards to ensure accurate contact information and avoid missed opportunities.

How Does Digital Business Card Work and is it Relevant in 2023?

Staying connected and making a lasting impression is crucial in the fast-paced business world. As we move further into the digital age, traditional networking methods, such as paper business cards, are becoming obsolete. But what is the future of business cards in the digital age? How do digital business cards work, and will they still be relevant in 2023?

The answer is a resounding yes. Digital business cards are not only convenient, but they are also an essential tool for staying connected and making an impact in today's business world. These cards allow you to easily share your contact information and professional credentials with potential clients, partners, and colleagues. And with technological advancements, digital business cards are becoming even more powerful, offering features like QR codes, video, and interactive elements that are impossible with traditional cards.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how digital business cards work and explore how they shape the future of networking and business. So, whether you're a small business owner, a freelancer, or a professional looking to expand your network, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of digital business cards and how they can help you achieve your goals in 2023 and beyond.

Are Digital Business Cards Necessary?

In today's digital age, traditional paper business cards have become obsolete. Having a business card to share your business details professionally and ensure that the contact information you provide is accurate and up-to-date. Outdated information can lead to lost opportunities, and that's something you want to avoid happening. Digital business cards like Scard ( offer an efficient and effective solution, allowing you to easily share your contact information and professional credentials with potential clients, partners, and colleagues. However, it's worth noting that some reliability issues might exist on some devices. With technological advancements, digital business cards are becoming more powerful, making them an essential tool for networking and business in today's world. With Scard, you don't have to abandon your traditional paper business completely; instead, you can combine both components to get maximum reach and eventually transition into a digital format. Doing this lets you digitally possess marketing materials like brochures, catalogues or pitch decks and expand your outreach potential without paying for printing costs! By reading what we just mentioned, you would agree that digital business cards will be essential for businesses to operate in the future.

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is the same as a traditional paper business card. Still, it has additional features that can improve business in professional networking and provides a lot of important information that can be used to make strategic decisions. A digital business card allows you to share more information beyond reach than a physical card would allow and can be sent digitally via email or text message. The main advantage of having a digital business card is that it’s easier to keep your contact information up to date and makes networking much more efficient. It also allows you to include a photo, website, social media accounts, and other important contact information that can’t be included or have no space to be squeezed into a traditional business card. Having a digital business card is an invaluable tool in the modern workplace.

If you use Scard (, you will know that sharing information becomes simpler using digital business cards. The top-rated online business card web application Scard enables you to interact quickly with innovative tech applications. Scard is the go-to website for creating a digital business card in no time! It has incredible features such as QR codes to facilitate exchange, share functions to transcend physical boundaries, and translate the profile to bridge language barriers, allowing you to connect with an even greater audience, connecting an e-wallet for fast and secure business transactions; plus, it can even digitise brochures, catalogues, pitch decks and more.

Here are a few live demos you can look at: (try visiting the demo with your mobile/tablet)

How do Digital Business Card Work?

After knowing what a digital business card is, why do you need a business card? Could you understand how digital Cards for your business work? Then just any graphics app, you need an app that requires much less storage on your phone memory to create the digital business card. You can share your business card digitally via QR code, link, email, or text message.

Your business card is open in your phone’s default browser. So you don’t require anything on your phone. You can share your business card with anyone who has a smartphone. Once you share your business card with your customers, they can easily save your business details by texting or emailing your business card to themselves. Once they can do everything, they can share their details with you.

Are Digital Business Cards A Permanent Trend?

The answer to this question is yes; a digital business card is a permanent trend. The simple paper business card is so constrained and causes so many problems. You can use good networking if typos, errors, title changes, and printing mistakes could be more effective.

While using a digital business card, you can easily change your printing mistakes, typos errors, title change issues, and many more things at your fingertips. So, modification is easy with this kind of card.

Scard is one of the best web applications that help you create a digital business card for your business that is the most appealing and impressive way for your business in 2023. It won't do any good to arrive at a networking event with a stack of paper to advertise your cutting-edge and creative business, and if you're working remotely, mailing your card might not be the best option for you. Why not give Scard a try today (


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