7 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards Can Become an Important Marketing Tool

7 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards Can Become an Important Marketing Tool

Networking is very important for a career and a business to succeed personally and professionally. To get a high-paying job or to increase the business profit, you have to build useful & meaningful connections.

7 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards Can Become an Important Marketing Tool

Networking is very important for a career and a business to succeed personally and professionally. To get a high-paying job or to increase the business profit, you have to build useful & meaningful connections. Networking has changed substantially from physical to digital over time. And by the time people use digital networking channels, you should start creating digital business cards to adopt modern marketing.

As per one fact, to leave a long-lasting impression on someone’s business card is one the most important and useful things. Below we give reasons why the digital business card is one of the strongest marketing tools. So, let’s have a look.

Why Can Digital Business Card Become an Important Marketing Tool?

A business card is a powerful direct marketing tool that allows you to connect with people in person. However, in today's digital age, marketing also takes place virtually. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing come into play. Traditional printed business cards should also have a presence in the virtual space. It's important to digitalise your business card, as it will become an essential asset for your business.

Digital business cards offer the convenience of promoting your business to potential customers wherever you encounter them - whether in a cafe or airport lounge. A digital business card lets you easily share your contact information with them and potentially close a sale. That's why it's crucial for business owners to always have their digital business cards on hand. Always have your digital business card ready to share. Let us explain why the digital business card is important as a marketing tool and why businesses need to use it.

Digital Business Card Is Convenient:

Today's events can occur both in physical conference rooms and online through platforms like Zoom or Teams. To effectively represent your brand, it's important to have a versatile marketing strategy in place. Digital business cards can help you connect with a wider audience and make it easy for people to view your self-introduction, contact information, pitch decks, and social media connections. They can also quickly save your contact information for future reference or refer it to friends who need your service. We have users mentioning his Scard Profile being shared by their existing clients to their friends.

Digital Business Card Can Be Easily Updated:

Another useful benefit & reason for using a digital business card is you can easily update and add the card details without having a hard copy of the new card. On Scard, you just need to log into your Scard profile with an internet browser to edit your digital business card information; you can easily update any details via your phone or laptop, which will instantly reflect on your profile.

Digital Business Card Can Save Your Time And Money:

I want you to know that business cards are essential for making a lasting impression and quickly introducing yourself to potential connections. They make it easy for people to remember you and your business and contact you later.

A digital or paperless business card is a cost-effective alternative to traditional printed business cards. It eliminates the need for ink cartridges, paper, and other supplies if you print it yourself. Additionally, it saves you time and money on the design, printing, and communication with vendors. There are no more limitations of MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) or any other problems.

Not only are digital business cards cost-effective, but they also provide an inexpensive way for self-promotion. You can get 200 business cards (2 boxes) for the same price as a large pizza or a morning cappuccino. And unlike other forms of advertising, you don't have to spend much money to make a big impact. Plus, with a digital business card, you can easily access all the details at one fingertip without physical presence. This way, a digital business card helps you save time and money.

Digital Business Card Is Easy To Use:

Registering on Scard is very easy. All you need is to visit Scard (www.scard.business) or any Scard profile, click the hamburger menu on the top right (3 bars), and choose register. Once you are on the registration page, you can register with your email or scroll down to register using your Social ID; after that, you just need to verify your registration and complete your profile to be ready to network.


  • When creating your digital business card, it's important to remember that prospects want to learn about you and your business clearly and concisely. Prepare a brief introduction highlighting who you are, what your business does, and the key products or services you offer. Avoid going into too much detail about your past experiences, as prospects are usually more interested in hearing about what you can offer them in the present and future.
  • A photo is one of the most important elements of a digital business card. Make sure to include a high-quality photo of yourself, as this will help prospects connect with you personally. Avoid using a logo, still image of an object, photo of your pets or favourite food as a profile picture.
  • Include your contact information, such as your phone number, WhatsApp, and email, so prospects can easily get in touch with you. Additionally, you can include your website, business address, and official social media links. It's important to have a complete profile and not to leave it empty with just a name or one contact detail. This can make it difficult for prospects to network with you and do business with someone anonymously.

Digital Business Card Can Create Long-Lasting Impressions:

Networking events can be challenging as you have a limited time to introduce yourself to a large number of attendees. With a digital business card like Scard, you can eliminate this stress by creating a comprehensive profile that you can update periodically.

A complete Scard profile includes a clear self-introduction, all of your contact information, links to your official social media accounts, and any pitch decks or brochures you may have. This allows prospects to easily access all the information they need about you and your business, even after the networking event.


  • It's important to note that only some prospects you meet will be interested in your products or services. Some may be competitors, while others simply want to store your contact information without discussing further details about your profile. The most promising prospects are those who reach out to you via WhatsApp or social media messaging, as they are more likely to be interested in building a business relationship with you.

Digital Business Card Can Save the Environment

Everyone is talking about CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity) & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept in which companies voluntarily integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into their operations and interactions with stakeholders. This includes taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, communities, and the environment, and actively working to improve their impact through various initiatives.

    CSR encompasses a wide range of activities, including sustainable sourcing and production, fair labor practices, community engagement and philanthropy, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices. Many companies also report on their CSR efforts through sustainability reports or other communications to stakeholders.

    The goal of CSR is to create long-term value for a company by balancing financial performance with social and environmental impact. By taking a holistic approach to their business operations, companies can improve their reputation, attract and retain employees, and build stronger relationships with customers and communities.

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a set of criteria that investors use to evaluate the performance and risk of companies and organizations. ESG criteria are focused on assessing a company's impact on the environment, its treatment of employees, customers, and other stakeholders, as well as its overall governance and leadership practices.

    Environmental criteria focus on a company's impact on the environment, such as its carbon emissions, water usage, and waste management practices. Social criteria examine a company's impact on society, including its labor practices, treatment of employees, and engagement with communities. Governance criteria assess a company's leadership and decision-making processes, including transparency, accountability, and the alignment of management's interests with those of shareholders.

    ESG investments have gained popularity in recent years as investors become more aware of the long-term risks and opportunities associated with sustainable business practices. ESG criteria are being used by investors to identify companies that are better-positioned to navigate the risks and capitalize on opportunities arising from environmental and social challenges. This, in turn, helps them to make more informed investment decisions, and it is also seen as a way to contribute to a more sustainable and just economy.

Scard is a digital business card solution that offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals alike. One of the most significant advantages of using Scard is the reduction in paper waste. Traditional business cards are often mass-produced, leading to errors in printing and high distribution costs. Additionally, the paper industry is known to be a significant contributor to deforestation. By switching to a digital business card solution like Scard, you can significantly reduce your environmental impact while still effectively promoting your business.

Scard not only helps you save paper but also enables users to digitalise their marketing material and advertise it freely, virtually and physically. This means that you can share your digital business card with anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate online or have a global customer base.

Scard also operates in a Green Data Center in Singapore, which means it adheres to strict environmental standards in its operations. This includes using renewable energy sources, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and reducing carbon emissions. By using Scard, you can ensure that your digital business card is not only helping you promote your business but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Access & Verified All The Information In One Place:

Having a digital business card is a great way to quickly increase your social media presence and contact base. Using Scard, you can add various links to your profile/card and leverage the flexibility to provide more detailed information about your business.

For example;

  • if you're a Property Agent, you can add links to your PropertyGuru and CommercialGuru profiles.
  • As a Freelance Content Creator, you can list your Fiverr, Upwork, and Medium profiles.
  • Graphic Designers and Artists can add links to their Behance, Upwork, and Deviant Art profiles.
  • Automotive Dealer can list their Facebook Marketplace, SgCarmart, and Carros profiles.
  • Biochemists can list their Google Scholar and Sina Weibo profiles.
  • Video Content Creators and entertainers can list their YouTube channel, Facebook group, TikTok, and XiaoHongShu profiles.
  • Programmers can list their GitHub, GitLab, and Patreon profiles.

The list goes on, and the possibilities are endless.

If you're using Scard and need help in this area, you can always go to our HelpDesk Center for help. Scard provides various solutions for your profile or card tailored to your business needs.

In conclusion, a digital business card is an essential marketing tool to help you grow your business worldwide and increase your connections. Using Scard, you can easily create a professional and effective digital business card that will make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our Scard (www.scard.business) today and start creating your digital business card.

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