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To be a Scard Brand Ambassador, you must be a user first, then write to us to apply for the post. We will send you an invitation after reviewing your profile and interviewing you. The invitation is an official invite to be Scard Brand Ambassador the link is to view the contract and activate your account once you agree with the agreement. The contract will state how to utilise, guide, pay, terms and rules.

Note: If you have anything you are unsure about or any doubts or disagree with, do not proceed with the contract because you can always contact us to discuss it.


These are the criteria we look at before inviting you to be a Scard Brand Ambassador:

  1. Are you a Scard user, and how long have you been using Scard.
  2. The information you put in your profile and your profile analytics.
  3. Your knowledge of using Scard.
  4. What you do for a living and your life experiences.
  5. Your personal branding and networks.


This is what your Scard Brand Ambassador Account page will look like. Your performance and remuneration will display everything in there clearly by month.


These questions will be indicated in the contract and not discussed publicly.

  • How much will Brand Ambassador be paid?
  • How does Scard pay the Brand Ambassador?
  • How long is the contract?