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Many of you may have had these questions in mind when using Scard for virtual and physical business networking or exchanging contacts.


One question is how your prospect receives your profile after visiting your profile.

First, you will need to provide a URL if you are networking digitally, bring up your Scard Profile QR code for scanning, or let them tap your NFC-ready smart card or sticker if you are networking physically. Once your prospect has your Scard Profile on their smartphone or tablet, they can use these steps to save your contact;


One, they can tap any of the CTA like Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and more to have a quick conversation with you directly. This allows you to have a faster and more direct connection with the prospect, so if they do not get you back, you still stand a chance to communicate back to them. CTA stands for Click To Action, a digital object like a link or a button created to engage users for action.


Two, they can bookmark the page or save it for later reading or reading lists on their iPhones. If they accidentally close their browser, they can retrieve it by opening the browser app, checking their browser history, tapping the URL, or scanning the Profile QR code again.


Three, they can scroll to the bottom of your profile, where there are 3 options to save your contact. Save Card Image, Save Contact and Connect with me on Scard.

  • Download the business card image displayed on Scard Profile by clicking 'Save Card Image.' By default, our system creates a save card image for you with the information from your profile. However, if you have your business card image or design, you can upload it to replace the one our system created.
  • When your prospect selects "Save Contact" on Scard, we download the VCF (Virtual Card or vCard) to their device. VCF is a standard format that all smartphones and computers recognise as containing contact information. At Scard, we value privacy, so this file only downloads when initiated by the user; after that, users can add it to an existing contact or create a new one entirely on their device.
  • Connecting with me on Scard will store our connection in your account under "Connected Friends". This allows users to keep business and personal contacts separated.



Our Recommendation: CTA is always the best way to connect with people, as you can reach them faster. Having no communication makes no sense if your goal is to network efficiently and effectively. Scard provides users with information about themselves, who they represent, and the services they can offer a prospect. This interest initiates a conversation between two potential contacts.


The great thing about Scard Profile is that once someone visits your profile, they can share it with anyone else using the Share button. This makes sharing easy via email, social media platforms, or Airdrop/SHAREit.


Disclaimer: After your contact information is downloaded from VCF, it will not update automatically. If the card image you uploaded does not include your profile URL or QR code linking back to your profile, your prospect will never be able to access updated information.