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Adding your Scard Profile to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet is like having an App, but without taking up any space on your device, as it is not an app but a shortcut. This allows you to quickly pull up and share your digital business card when needed.

The typical way to access your Scard Profile is by opening an internet browser and typing in your Scard Profile URL address; this requires some memory and effort. So adding your Scard Profile to the home screen will definitely save you a lot of time, and this works on Android, iOS, iPadOS, HarmonyOS, BlackBerry 10 and more.


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On Android
You must use Chrome

Add your Scard Profile on your Android Phone

On iOS
You must use Safari

Add your Scard Profile to home screen


> You can also get Siri to bring up your Scard Profile by saying, "Hey, Siri.". Just like this Youtube video

  • Shortcut Name is the comment after "Hey, Siri". So if you entered "Bring up my business card", you will need to say this after completing the setup "Hey, Siri. Bring up my business card."
  • Open URLs; enter your Scard Profile URL.
  • Once you end the shortcut with "End This Shortcut", you need to exit the function, which will automatically add what you have set up.
  • After you complete what we have shown you, try it. 

hey siri, bring up my business card