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Add Business Address on Your s͛Card Profile

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The purpose of this article is to explain the advantages of adding a business address to your Scard Profile, as well as how to do it.

In the past, having your business address on your traditional printed business cards gave prospects confidence that your business was legitimate. Prospects often look at your business's location to learn more about it on search engines. Having a conversation about your business address can extend the engagement between you and the prospect. Now, if you have a business address in Scard, your digital business card will be much more legitimate. Your prospect can tap to get directions to your place and view additional information on Google My Business, like photos, products, services, news, etc. By providing rich content, you not only inform your prospects but also show the search engine that your business is legitimate. People are looking for and finding directions to get there through your scard profile. This increases brand awareness and makes your company visible on the world wide web.

The address is not simply imperial on the profile for display purposes; it provides credibility to your business. It instils a sense of trust with potential customers when they see that you have a physical location as well as an online presence. Many website improvement choirs spend money, but how much will your website's visibility increase? How many of them are worth it to benefit your business? Giving your Scard profile an address doesn't cost you anything if you use a free account, but it can help improve your online presence significantly if you use it for networking often.

The above-mentioned example is for one profile. Now, imagine if your staff or colleagues also had the business address on their profiles. When the prospects they meet tap on it, it sends a strong signal to the search engine that the business is active. Consequently, the businesses' prominence increases on both the interactive map and the world wide web. 

In order to be recognisable on the map and the world wide web, you will need to be listed on the interactive map and have some search optimization done for the business. Don't just listen to us. If you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, get in touch with an expert who can explain it all to you.


How to add an address.

  1. Please enter the full address manually and let our system take care of the location point in Google Maps.
  2. Use the postal code to get the location pointed and enter the full address. We encounter some countries' addresses that don't point to the correct location after entering the full address, so you will have to use step 2 to point first and then complete the address.

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Address on your profile?

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