Profile Analytics

Profile Analytics

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In-depth analytics of your Profile (digital business card/name card) are provided. You can also see how many people have looked at your profile, the number of times they've tapped/clicked on your contact information or social media links, and how many people saved your card, your VCF or befriended you.


These figures are essential for business owners, HR, marketers, and other people in charge of crucial decisions. For example:

  1. Business owners may utilise the statistic to assess their personal branding exposure.
  2. Business owners or human resources can use the analytics data to evaluate a salesperson's performance.
  3. A salesperson might evaluate the analytics data and choose which communications application to use for communications.
  4. Marketers can use the analytics to determine which social media platform they should focus on.

Note: Both Free and Pro account users can view their own Profile Analytic, but only Pro account users are allowed to download the data and utilise it elsewhere.

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