On Receiver End

On Receiver End

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You may have these questions in your mind when you see how Scard exchanged. One of them is how they receive save my profile after visiting by URL or Scanning QR code or Tapping NFC tag?

  1. It will appear on their phone as long as the browser page with your profile is open. It may be seen on their Browser History if they inadvertently click away or go to another page. That might be an issue if they're using private browsing, but they're advanced, knowledgeable users, so they'll figure out how to reach you.
  2. You may get them to take a picture of your profile while it's on their phone with the QR code open.
  3. Send them the profile link beside the QR code button with the Share button. This share button is quite helpful since you may share via email, send messages using any social messaging software, Airdrop or SHAREit, etc.
  4. You may send them a screen capture of your profile with the QR Code visible, but giving them a URL is much more convenient is a message you are sending them. These might be retrieved later in their chat history if they didn't delete your message or block you in the messaging software.
  5. They can also bookmark or save tab or read later on their browser application.
  6. They can use the Save Card button (if you have uploaded your business card image), Save VCF button or Connect With You On Scard button.
  7. Typically, they would have connected with you on other social media platforms or followed you after the networking exchange. We don't feel that anyone will be unable to communicate with you as long as your profile includes adequate contact details, an official social media account, etc.

So you can see that there are many techniques to preserve your Scard profile, and it is far superior to a standard printed business card. That is, of course, except for your contact information, which is always up to date!


Disclaimer: Once your contact data has been downloaded through VCF, it is no longer updated, and if your image (save card) does not include a URL or QR code to link back to your profile, it will not be updated.