On device exchange

On device exchange

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Scan QR code on the profile
It would be best if you opened your profile on your browser to retrieve your Scard Profile QR code.

Exchange Card by Scan QR code on Scard Profile


Share function on the profile
You will need to open your profile on your browser and tap the Share button to show your Scard Profile. Our share function will try to use the device's native share function first, and if the device app cannot be detected, it will change to share this function.

Scard Share Profile function
share this show up, when device app cannot be detected


The profile can be shared on most social media platforms available on the device;
Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter / Mastodon and more

The profile can be shared on most social messaging applications available on the device;
SMS / iMessage / Facebook Message / Twitter Message / Telegram / Signal / Skype / Viber / Potato / Kakao Talk Line / Wechat / QQ / Dingtalk / Imo / Zalo and more


Share profile URL links or QR code images.
You can also share your Scard Profile URL links or share a pre-saved QR code image to visit your profile.

Visiting your profile gives visitors the most updated information, and official links can be found in the profile.


Share profile digital on a projector or larger screen
You beam your profile to the screen using your mobile, tablet or laptop. This can increase the distance and size of scanning the QR code to get your profile on your prospects' devices.

Scard on Projector