Contact detail introduction

Contact detail introduction

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The standard printed business card or name card is 90mm by 54mm and includes contact information such as mobile phone, email, and website in a restricted size. It isn't easy to imagine how many contact information and social media connections businesses would be able to fit onto a small business card or name card as time goes on. Not to mention that, after the internet bubble and cellphones exploded, everyone was in a rush to get information NOW. If you still use a paper business card and expect people to look up your website on their phones, you will be disappointed.

This is why we developed Scard. As you can see, you may type a lot more information on a smartphone than a printed card, and best of all, people get instant information right at their fingertips.

  • People can call you with just a tap on the spot.
  • Email you without typing out the full email address.
  • Travel to your office in the shortest directions by car/public/walk.
  • Connect with you with various types of messaging applications.
  • You can have an e-wallet for people to pay you with money or crypto and so much more.


Pro Account

  1. Profile introduction, only Pro Account has it. This section allows people who received your Scard Profile (digital business card) will get to know you faster because you will have a small introduction of yourself or the business you represent. 
  2. Contact detail.

Scard - Pro Account

Free Account

Scard - Free Account